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Most Popular Holiday Videos

Kick back and unwind today with a stocking-full of YouTube's top
trending videos of the 2011 holiday season.

Presented by: Trends
* Thumbnail- 4:07 (BUTTON) - Add to
- Senior Citizen Flash Mob - Lawrence,KS - Meadow...by
MyDline 1,084,614 views
* Thumbnail- 3:56 (BUTTON) - Add to
- Chanukah Jewish Rock of Ages - Official Hanukka...by
AishVideo 880,762 views
* Thumbnail- 2:06 (BUTTON) - Add to
- Puppy Christmasby devinsupertramp 1,565,442 views
* Thumbnail- 2:49 (BUTTON) - Add to
- Santa and I Know It! (LMFAO - Sexy and I Know ...by
barelypolitical 3,694,541 views


* Thumbnail- 4:04 (BUTTON) - Add to
- Kids React To Rebecca Black- Friday (Bonus)by
TheFineBros 841,701 views
* Thumbnail- 1:34 (BUTTON) - Add to
- AutoLoader Auto-Loading Multi-Bit Screwdriverby
vat19com 300,270 views
* Thumbnail- 2:35 (BUTTON) - Add to
- Justin Bieber's Tricks For Picking Up Chicksby
JennaMarbles 6,349,238 views

From YouTube


timtimfed- timtimfed uploaded 7 hours ago
Thumbnail- 0:28 (BUTTON) - Add to

Somethin' Stupid...
I don't know why I did this.
timtimfed 309 views

RihannaVEVO- RihannaVEVO uploaded 2 days ago
Thumbnail- 3:29 (BUTTON) - Add to

Rihanna - You Da One
Music video by Rihanna performing You Da One (Explicit). © 2011 The
Island Def Jam Music Group
Itunes: smarturl.it/TTT?...
RihannaVEVO 4,618,162 views

ladygagaofficial- ladygagaofficial uploaded 9 hours ago
Thumbnail- 5:33 (BUTTON) - Add to

Lady Gaga - Stuck On Fuckin' You
So to give you a little background to the creation of this song. I
wrote it in Minnesota after the Monster Ball on the tour bus. We
recorded it in ...
ladygagaofficial 320 views

smosh- smosh uploaded 1 day ago
Thumbnail- 4:15 (BUTTON) - Add to

Anthony and Ian find out what it would be like if holidays were
smosh 1,175,447 views

cmwdotme- cmwdotme uploaded 11 hours ago
Thumbnail- 3:15 (BUTTON) - Add to

Rooted Motorola Actv
Just a quick demo of my root for the Motorola Actv. Check out the
rest on my site at cmw.me
cmwdotme 2,877 views

freddiew- freddiew uploaded 1 day ago
Thumbnail- 2:54 (BUTTON) - Add to

Battlefield 4: Co-op
Tweet! bit.ly/RTbf4 Facebook! on.fb.me/s9iqoi
While we were out on location shooting the Battlefield 3
Commercial, we decided to sho...
freddiew 1,120,785 views

obsessedwithsports- obsessedwithsports uploaded 16 hours ago
Thumbnail- 0:15 (BUTTON) - Add to

Jerome Simpson (Bengals) Touchdown Endzone Flip
Jerome Simpson (Bengals) Touchdown Endzone Flip
obsessedwithsports 1,014,959 views

drewarco22- drewarco22 uploaded 2 days ago
Thumbnail- 1:22 (BUTTON) - Add to

Golden Loves Guitar !!
Jammin' with my buddy's dog, enjoy!
twitter/Drew_Arc... on twitter for updates ect!
drewarco22 996,588 views

hiddenshadow28- hiddenshadow28 uploaded 18 hours ago
Thumbnail- 0:12 (BUTTON) - Add to

Meteor footage 1
Footage I took of meteor around the Duesseldorf area.
Update: seems to be a Soyuz booster rocket re-entering the
atmosphere, not a meteor.
hiddenshadow28 8,129 views

TheOfficialSkrillex- TheOfficialSkrillex uploaded 1 day ago
Thumbnail- 3:35 (BUTTON) - Add to

Skrillex - Ruffneck - FULL Flex [Music Video]
Download this song atlr.ec/oVHLbu
Directed by : Tony T.
DoP : Morgan Dalibert
Produced by : HK corp
TheOfficialSkrillex 874,312 views

StephenHannardADGUK- StephenHannardADGUK uploaded 20 hours ago
Thumbnail- 5:20 (BUTTON) - Add to

Police Tie Up 62yr Old Man Then Pepper Spray Him To Death 2011
No doubt you've heard the adage: a picture is worth a thousand
words. A picture of 62-year-old Nick Christie could be worth
thousands of dollars wh...
StephenHannardADGUK 33,742 views

MacapunoSystems- MacapunoSystems uploaded 2 days ago
Thumbnail- 2:20 (BUTTON) - Add to

The Pinoy Siri: Introducing VANGIE
- Vangie is the truly Pinoy virtual assistant for yo...
MacapunoSystems 744,941 views

telegraphtv- telegraphtv uploaded 22 hours ago
Thumbnail- 1:10 (BUTTON) - Add to

Putin protests draw crowds in St Petersburg
Several thousand people gather in Russia's second city St
Petersburg to protest against the ruling party United Russia and
the government of Prime ...
telegraphtv 11,492 views

werevertumorro- werevertumorro uploaded 1 day ago
Thumbnail- 11:57 (BUTTON) - Add to

youtube/watc... o Click aqui --->>
W2MShow Enero y Febrero 2012 DF boletos bit.ly/rxR5B8
werevertumorro 793,760 views

SMTOWN- SMTOWN uploaded 1 day ago
Thumbnail- 1:32 (BUTTON) - Add to

Henry & Amber_HAPPY HOLIDAYS_Video Clip
--> Facebook SMTOWN : facebook/smtown
--> Facebook Super Junior : facebook/sup...
--> Facebook ¤ : faceb...
SMTOWN 126,514 views

mbc- mbc uploaded 1 day ago
Thumbnail- 2:53 (BUTTON) - Add to

Arab Idol - Ep3 - Auditions - t+g+a+r+b+ a+l+aHd+a+H'
sna+h+d+ a+l+hkl+q+a+t+ a+l+k+a+m+l+tm e+l+j+ sna+h+d+.n+t+
Arab Idol
mbc 727,266 views

RonPaulcom- RonPaulcom uploaded 1 day ago
Thumbnail- 8:29 (BUTTON) - Add to

Uncut Ron Paul Interview - CNN Gloria Borger
CNN finally released the full interview. It shows that Ron Paul
didn't "storm off" - the interview was over.
All parts of the interview that make...
RonPaulcom 242,758 views

NORADTracksSanta- NORADTracksSanta uploaded 6 days ago
Thumbnail- 0:46 (BUTTON) - Add to

NORAD Tracks Santa - Auckland, New Zealand
NORADTracksSanta 794,891 views

whitehouse- whitehouse uploaded 1 day ago
Thumbnail- 3:00 (BUTTON) - Add to

Weekly Address: The President and First Lady Thank our Troops for their
Service this Holiday Season
President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama offer a special
holiday tribute to the men and women who wear our country's uniform
and the families ...
whitehouse 159,819 views

NORADTracksSanta- NORADTracksSanta uploaded 6 days ago
Thumbnail- 0:39 (BUTTON) - Add to

NORAD Tracks Santa - Great Wall of China
NORADTracksSanta 764,324 views

statikselekt- statikselekt uploaded 1 day ago
Thumbnail- 3:18 (BUTTON) - Add to

Action Bronson & Statik Selektah - "Cirque Du Soleil" (Directed By Rik
Action Bronson & Statik Selektah - "Cirque Du Soleil" (Directed By
Rik Cordero)
From the album "Well Done" on DCide Records.
Order on iTunes now:...
statikselekt 214,853 views

SilverHawkVaquero- SilverHawkVaquero uploaded 1 day ago
Thumbnail- 0:50 (BUTTON) - Add to

Yorvit Torrealba agrede al umpire principal en juego Leones-Caribes
Yorvit Torrealba encara y golpea al umpire principal Darío Rivero
Jr. mientras aficionados vitorean su nombre, como si de una hazaña
se tratase la ...
SilverHawkVaquero 664,437 views

ChevyWoods- ChevyWoods uploaded 1 day ago
Thumbnail- 2:19 (BUTTON) - Add to

CHEVY WOODS Picture Me Rollin ANTUKS Official Video
CHEVY WOODS Picture Me Rollin ANTUKS Official Video
ChevyWoods 77,822 views

NORADTracksSanta- NORADTracksSanta uploaded 6 days ago
Thumbnail- 0:46 (BUTTON) - Add to

NORAD Tracks Santa - Melbourne, Australia
NORADTracksSanta 668,791 views

ChasinDatPaperMedia- ChasinDatPaperMedia uploaded 1 day ago
Thumbnail- 1:48 (BUTTON) - Add to

New Nike Air Jordan XI Concord Causes Shopping Frenzy In Indianapolis
The arrival of Nike's new Air Jordan 11 Retro Concords in stores
just in time for Christmas brought pandemonium all over the
Thousands li...
ChasinDatPaperMedia 379,572 views

NORADTracksSanta- NORADTracksSanta uploaded 6 days ago
Thumbnail- 0:45 (BUTTON) - Add to

NORAD Tracks Santa - Sendai, Japan
NORADTracksSanta 685,569 views

XtotheV- XtotheV uploaded 1 day ago
Thumbnail- 4:38 (BUTTON) - Add to

XV - The Kick (Official Music Video)
© 2011 WMG
Directed by Kyle dePinna
Official music video for XV's single "The Kick" (prod. by DJ
XtotheV 128,157 views

NORADTracksSanta- NORADTracksSanta uploaded 6 days ago
Thumbnail- 0:54 (BUTTON) - Add to

NORAD Tracks Santa - North Pole
NORADTracksSanta 693,260 views

gallery1988- gallery1988 uploaded 2 days ago
Thumbnail- 0:50 (BUTTON) - Add to

Tyler, the Creator vs the Sound Guy
Here's full footage of why Tyler, the Creator from Odd Future was
arrested at their holiday show at the Roxy. This footage was taken
by @alanmyang
gallery1988 249,517 views

BangerChannel- BangerChannel uploaded 1 day ago
Thumbnail- 4:36 (BUTTON) - Add to

Amazon-Edition: amazon.de/dp/B00...
der offizielle BANGER SHOP jetzt online!!!
offizielles Video zu A...
BangerChannel 534,760 views

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